ClearID Υγρή Βιοψία Πνεύμονα

ClearID Υγρή Βιοψία Πνεύμονα

ClearID® is a blood test that provides physicians with actionable biomarker information from whole blood to help guide treatment and find ongoing clinical trials for aggressive, metastatic, and refractory cancer patients. The NSCLC panel targets 11 genes that, when mutated, have been associated with a variety of targeted treatments, according to the latest clinical studies.


Optimized Lung Cancer Panel to Help Improve Treatment Outcomes

ClearID® Lung Cancer leverages a highly-sensitive next-generation sequencing panel of 11 genes known to be altered in non-small cell lung cancer and other thoracic cancers.
The test uses Cynvenio’s LiquidBiopsy® approach to identify circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) burden and detects tumor-related genetic mutations that can be treated with targeted therapies. During therapy, ClearID can be used to quickly and accurately identify emergent genetic alterations associated with resistance to therapy.


High-Value Monitoring Targets

ClearID Lung Cancer can be used to support dynamic monitoring of T790M and other important SNV hotspot mutations, in order to quickly identify distinct molecular resistance mechanisms within individual patients and to aid in identifying alternate therapeutic options.


Ultra-Sensitive Analysis, Reliable Results

While not every individual with disease will have target cells or mutations addressable by this test, ClearID has a zero false negative rate for patient samples known to have an actionable mutation.



Variant detection:
down to 0.13%



Ιατρική ειδικότητα
Απαιτούμενο δείγμα
Περιφερικό Αίμα (EDTA)
Χρόνος επεξεργασίας
5-7 ημέρες
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