CLART® Technology

CLART® is a low density microarray-based platform for clinical use that allows the detection of multiple targets in a single test. Sample processing is straightforward and the analysis and interpretation of results are performed automatically by a reader (CAR) running tailor-made software. Its simplicity makes this technology suitable for every molecular diagnostics laboratory.


CLART® provides fast, sensitive and accurate results that meet the highest quality standards, and allows the clinician to take the right decisions on time.


Laboratory instrumentation

CLART® Technology is based on user-friendly lab instruments that have been designed to maximize versatility and reliability.

CAR: Clinical Array Reader

  • Designed for automatic reading, analysis and interpretation of CLART®-based diagnostic tests.
  • Suitable for all GENOMICA IVD assays.
  • Allows testing from 1 up to 96 samples per run.
  • User friendly and intuitive graphical interface.                                                              




One of the key components of the latter instruments is their software, specifically designed for the CLART® platform:


  • GENOMICA's proprietary image processing software for microarrays.
  • Its advanced algorithms can detect and recognize the spots and measure their characteristics with great precision and accuracy.


Data Management

LIMS connection.

  • The results may be stored in the device, exported to a remote location or printed out.
  • An Individual data folder is created per sample and/or patient.
  • User defined export and backup paths.
  • Three complimentary reports per sample.